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At MAYVEDA we want you to enjoy your unique vintage purchase. Caring for your jewellery properly, whether it is antique or costume jewellery, is important. This will extend its life and keep it in good condition for future generations to see and wear again.

Here are some points to remember.


Pearls need to be worn, if they are not they can lose their lustre - it is said they flourish and bloom when next to your skin. Oils from the skin nourish them and keep them living. Pearls should be kept away from hairsprays, perfumes and body lotions as these will damage the lustre of the pearl. Strings of pearls should be checked regularly for wear and re-strung if needed.  Store pearls flat, wrapped in a soft cloth or acid free tissue paper. Keep them away from other jewellery to avoid scratching the surface and to keep them in good condition.


Marcasite Jewellery

Marcasites are small gemstones normally set in silver or silver-tone metal, very popular in the 1930s and 1940s. They were popular because they glittered and sparkled like diamonds, but at a fraction of the price. Marcasite jewellery should be stored separately from other jewellery so that the stones are not chipped or dislodged. Marcasites are usually set in silver, but it is not advisable to use silver dip, water or any other solutions to clean them, as it may damage or dislodge the tiny stones. Clean the marcasite jewellery with a soft dry jewellery cloth.  Wrap the items in acid free tissue paper or a soft pouch or cloth.


Aurora Borealis Bead Jewellery

The Aurora Borealis bead was popular in the 1950s and created by Swarovski it was made into many different styles of necklaces and bracelets. This bead has an opalescent coating and beads should not be cleaned with any abrasive solutions or pastes as is may remove the coating on the beads. A soft jewellery cloth should be used to wipe them if necessary.


Silver Jewellery

Silver jewellery will tarnish over time and it can be cleaned with a soft silver polishing cloth. After cleaning it can be rinsed with warm water and dried with a cloth. It is not advisable to use a silver dip solution for silver pieces of jewellery. Silver is a rather soft metal, so store silver items separately to avoid scratching. Pouches or soft cloths can be used and placed within a jewellery box.


Paste, Diamanté or Rhinestone Jewellery.

Paste, rhinestones or diamanté jewellery is generally the same.  The term rhinestone is a term used in the USA, whilst diamanté or paste is more commonly referred to in Europe.

Rhinestones are man-made stones from glass. Rhinestones should not be stored in plastic bags for a long time as they can contain moisture, which will damage the stone. Rhinestones are usually backed with metal, especially in jewellery from the 1950s, and therefore not placed in any liquids, as liquid could get into the back of the setting. This type of jewellery can be wiped with a slightly damp soft cloth or lint free cloth. Rhinestone jewellery is normally made from soft metals and therefore should be stored separately to avoid damage.


Vintage Gold and Silver Tone Metal Jewellery

Vintage gold and silver tone metal jewellery should not be cleaned or immersed in water or harsh cleaners this can damage the piece and its surface. Many of these pieces have diamanté stones set into them and moisture can damage or dislodge the jewellery, especially if the stone has a backing within the setting.


General Care of Vintage Jewellery.

Storing any jewellery correctly will extend the life of the piece.  A box with compartments and lined with soft fabric will stop the items knocking together chipping or denting. Fabric pouches are very useful to keep the jewellery tidy and contained. Storing vintage pieces in plastic is not advised for long periods of time. When travelling or your jewellery is in transit, protect it to avoid damage. As a general rule, hairsprays and perfumes used near vintage jewellery can be damaging. Silver dip and other harsh chemicals should not be used to clean vintage jewellery .


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