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Mayveda Comyn

Mayveda Comyn was born in England, in the year 1872. Her mother, Maria Stoken, was a renowned opera singer who performed on the grandest stages of London and Paris. Mayveda grew up surrounded by the enchanting melodies of her mother's voice, and it was in this world of music and art that she developed her appreciation for beauty and elegance.

As Mayveda matured, she came to inherit an extraordinary gift. Her mother passed down to her a large, ornate antique box that held the most exquisite antique jewels. These treasures had belonged to Maria and her mother before her, and each piece carried with it a unique story and history. The box itself was exquisite, crafted from rich, polished wood and lined with red velvet. It was a symbol of their family's love and legacy.

Mayveda cherished this precious heirloom and the jewels that lay within it. The intricate designs and craftsmanship of each piece captivated her imagination, sparking a lifelong fascination with antique jewellery. She spent countless hours studying the collection, marveling at the enchanting stories of each piece. 

As time passed, Mayveda too became a mother, and she decided to continue the tradition her own mother had started. She gifted her daughter the large ornate box, filled with the same beautiful jewels that had been handed down to her. And so, from daughter to daughter, the treasure box journeyed through the generations, each time igniting a new passion for the art and history of antique jewellery.

In the present day, Tiffany Didham remains under the spell of the mysterious and unique treasure box. Drawing inspiration from her great, great grandmother's passion for antique jewellery, she founded Mayveda Jewellery, a brand committed to embodying the spirit of timeless beauty and remarkable craftsmanship.

Step into the world of Mayveda Jewellery, and you will be transported back in time. Each piece is carefully curated, with a deep respect for the art and history that it represents. 

Mayveda Jewellery is built upon a vision of a world where jewellery holds significant value, including the pieces that have already been treasured. The brand advocates for mindful consumption, emphasising quality over quantity, and ensuring that each piece is expertly repaired and restored for future generations. Mayveda Jewellery seeks to break free from a disposable culture driven by fleeting trends, choosing instead to focus on enduring style and creating future heirlooms for modern women who value luxury, craftsmanship, history, and one-of-a-kind pieces.

Their journey leads them to the most fashionable cities—New York, London, and Paris—seeking the most exceptional pieces. These carefully chosen selections are designed to make customers feel special, beautiful, and elegant. Mayveda uncovers hidden gems, skillfully handpicked and restored.

Tiffany Didham

Tiffany Didham established Mayveda Jewellery, taking inspiration from the enchanting jewellery box of her great, great grandmother. Since its establishment in 2011, the brand has attracted recognition from esteemed publications such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Elle, to name a few. As a recipient of the FGA and a Fellow of the Gemmological Institute of Great Britain, Tiffany brings her extensive expertise as a seasoned jewellery designer and antique jewellery connoisseur to the forefront of the brand.

Maria Stoken

Mayveda Comyn

Tiffany Didham


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